Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Righteous Responsibility Initiative

Meet Magnus Gertten

The White Bus, National Museum of Denmark

Every Face Has A Name

White Bus, Oslo Norway

White Bus, Malmo Museum, Sweden

Harbour of Hope

Building Better Futures

The White Buses. The Swedish Red Cross rescue action in Germany during WWII

Foreword (1)

Introduction (2)

Background (3)

Swedish press politics (4)

Sweden’s post-war strategy (5)

The rescue action take shape (6)

Bernadotte’s negotiations (7)

The rescue action begins (8)

New negotiations, the action is extended (9)

Help from Denmark (10)

The first prisoners arrive in Sweden (11)

The Scandinavian prisoners in Neuegamme are evacuated (12)

New negotiations (13)

Transportation from Ravensbrück (14)

The ghost train (15)

Transports to Lübeck (16)

The expedition is concluded (17)

Epilogue (18)