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Folke Bernadotte

We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands in need. Folke Bernadotte is one of them.

Count Folke Bernadotte – Swedish diplomat and V.P. of The Swedish Red Cross during WWII
Folke Bernadotte organized the White Bus rescue action together with the Danish and the Norwegian Exile Government.
The Swedish Red Cross expedition to the German concentration camps in March–April 1945 was the largest rescue effort inside Germany during WWII.
The White Bus rescue action rescued approximately 17,500 Holocaust victims during 54 days in the spring of 1945 before the liberation.
1944-45: World War II is coming to an end.
Adolf Hitler orders to blow up the concentration camps and the “death marches” starts.
A rescue expedition for the Scandinavian concentration camp prisoners had been discussed for some time.
During 1944 concrete plans are starting to take shape in Norway for a rescue action.
At the end of August 1944, a brief list is submitted of some 6,000 prisoners to the Swedish Foreign Ministry.