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Wanda Hjort Heger

We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands in need. Wanda Hjort Heger is one of them.

Wanda, a 21 year old Norwegian, young and brave and together with her empathy and compassion made it possible to save thousands of lives during the end of WWII.
Oct 1942, Wanda and her family are forced to leave Oslo, Norway due to her parents work within the Resistance in Norway.
The Nazis want the whole family under house arrest in Gross Kreutz just outside of Berlin. (west)
Wanda’s family is well connected and are kept out of the regular prison system such as concentration camps etc.
Wanda’s paternal grandmother was of German descent and from an old noble family and Wanda’s two aunts were married to two brothers, both counts, and living in Germany.
It was due to these connections the family was giving special treatment such as house arrest.
While saying goodbye to her friends in Oslo, the wife of her former headmaster (Didrik Seip) at Oslo University, asks Wanda to try to contact her husband that is suppose to be held captive at concentration camp Sachsenhausen…this becomes the beginning of her incredible journey which leads to the rescue of 17,500 Holocaust victims.