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Zygmunt Lakocinski

We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands in need. Zygmunt Lakocinski is one of them.

Zygmont Lakocinski – A Polish lecturer at Lund University in Sweden, who helped with translation of the Polish speaking women when arriving on the white buses into southern Sweden.
He had the insight to understand the value of these women’s stories for future generations and by his work created what is now known as The Ravensbruck Archive.
Zygmont Lakocinski, creator of the Ravensbruck Archive, his foresight helped convict some of the Nazi war criminals in the Ravensbruck trials held Dec 1946 through Jan 1947.
Thanks to Zygmont we also have an incredible source of first-hand stories of what the women of Ravensbruck had to endure and their stories will help the future generations to make sure “Never Again”!