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The Learning Experience

Looking at the Past and  Learning from the emerging future. A transformative learning experience promoting social justice and civic responsibility The learning experience looks at the past - a uniquely important rescue action during WWII - and connects with the present as well as the emerging future [a divided nation, displaced

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The Traveling Exhibit

  “A Self-Contained Traveling Exhibit Trailer with Films, Pictures, and Interactive Educational Material; inspired by The WWII White Bus Rescue Action. Learn how history can empower the next generation to become agents of change and advocates of social justice. Better Futures traveling exhibit will come to You; it may be your school, university,

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The White Bus Rescue Action Story

Multi-media Presentation: "How a Jar of Potato Salad led to the rescue of 15,500 Holocaust victims" Call to schedule: (941) 315-5125 or email richard@better-futures.com The Swedish Red Cross expedition to the German concentration camps in March–April 1945 was the largest rescue effort inside Germany during WWII. Sponsored by the Swedish Government and led

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