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The Ravensbruck Traveling Exhibit


The exhibition Ravensbrück – We Who Lived There,  created by high-school students on the Advanced History Program and the IB Diploma Program at Katedralskolan in Lund, Sweden, is brought to the US by Better Futures Foundation, a Sarasota based non-profit.

The exhibit sheds light on the personal experiences of recently liberated Holocaust survivors. 

Based on interviews that took place immediately after the liberation of Holocaust victims to Malmo, Sweden, this exhibit provides insight into all aspects of life in Ravensbrück – a concentration camp only for women and children.

General knowledge about the Holocaust becomes less abstract and less theoretical when the women’s stories from arrival and through the liberation of Ravensbrück are told,”

Toward the end of World War II, approximately 20,000 Nazi concentration camp survivors were evacuated to Sweden. With the intent of documenting the war crimes and the experiences of the victims, a working group called “The Polish Research Institute in Lund” was founded to conduct in-depth interviews with the former prisoners and collect material that the survivors had brought with them from the camps. 

The exhibit Ravensbrück – We Who Lived There gives you insight into this unique collection of source material from the survivors of Ravensbrück.

A resource for teachers

When teaching the Holocaust, students must learn what happened, why it happened, and the consequences of it. Besides, we believe that such general knowledge about the Holocaust must be combined with more in-depth studies of human – eye witness – experiences. If not, there is a risk that history is seen as something abstract and theoretical.

Therefore, the exhibit comes with a lesson plan. It is character-building and introduces the students to the human dimension of the history lessons. The exercises can be a resource for teachers to expand further and complement mandatory Holocaust education. 

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