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The Ravensbruck Traveling Exhibit


The exhibition Ravensbrück – We Who Lived There,  created by high-school students on the Advanced History Program and the IB Diploma Program at Katedralskolan in Lund, Sweden, is brought to the US by Better Futures Foundation, a Sarasota based non-profit. The exhibit sheds light on the personal experiences of recently liberated

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Character Building Program

Looking at the Past and  Learning from the Emerging Future. Character-building Learning Experience Builds on the historical context of the Swedish Red Cross White Bus Rescue Mission in Nazi-occupied territories during WWII. Offers exclusive educational materials teaching about a uniquely significant historical event. Promotes social, inter-cultural, and civic competencies. Teaches

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Learning Objective

The historical context of the Swedish Red Cross White Bus intervention in World War II offers a clear example of courageous, moral advocacy in the face of systemic injustice. Inspired by Red Cross and museum educational programs, White Bus for Better Futures™ can provide a framework to empower ordinary citizens

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