White Bus for Better Futures

The Swedish Red Cross White Bus operation was the largest rescue action  in Nazi-occupied territories during World War II.   Volunteers carried out one of the greatest humanitarian operations of all time, and gave new hope to countless families.

Inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands of humans in need, we offer unique character-building learning experiences.

Swedish Red Cross’s report on the White Buses summarizes the research on the rescue operation in the Red Cross archives and other sources.

Source: https://www.rodakorset.se/om-oss/vita-bussarna/

The Swedish Red Cross White Bus Rescue Action

Foreword (1)

e Swedish Red Cross rescue action with the White Buses to Germany in the last phase of the Second World War has...

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Introduction (2)

Introduction At the end of the Second World War, when Germany was heading for military and political breakdown, the large Swedish lead...

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Background (3)

Background In 1933 Adolf Hitler, as leader of the National socialist party, was elected leader of Germany. The people, suffering from the...

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Swedish press politics (4)

Swedish press politics Europe was politically insatiable at the end of the thirties. In 1938 Germany started its expansion policy by annexing...

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Help from Denmark (10)

Help from Denmark At the beginning of April part of the Swedish detachment returned to Sweden as planed. The remaining personnel and...

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New negotiations (13)

New negotiations On the 21st of April Bernadotte met with Himmler again to negotiate for more concessions.Earlier the same day Felix Kersten...

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The ghost train (15)

The ghost train When Svensson’s group returned the white buses had fulfilled their duties in Germany. The front was closing in rapidly...

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Transports to Lübeck (16)

Transports to Lübeck After the evacuation of Scandinavians from Neuegamme there were tens of thousands of prisoners of different nationalities left. They...

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Epilogue (18)

Epilogue The expedition with the White Buses was a daring and dangerous venture that was carried out in a chaotic time, without...

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