Richard Ohlsson | President


With Compassion We Create Better Futures

Ever since I was introduced to the White Bus Rescue Action, which took place in the spring of 1945, I have seen the positive impact on people from all walks of life affected by the White Buses - both in the past and the present.

I have had the honor to meet and become very close friends with a few beautiful souls who were saved by the buses, and I have learned the story directly from them.

Visiting three of the five existing White Buses on display in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark has been something of a life-changing event for me.

The White Bus was and is still today an awesome symbol for humans lending a hand to other humans in need.

My goal with Better Futures is to bring the symbol of the White Buses to students of all ages in the United States and to engage and inspire how we can all be Ordinary Heroes and make an extraordinary difference.

I just know it will greatly improve our planet for generations to come!