Mission & Vision

Our symbol and inspiration is the historic Red Cross White Bus rescue action from World War II.
We are inspired by the ordinary heroes who created a life-changing outcome for thousands of humans in need.
With Compassion, We Create Better Futures.

We Are Better Futures Foundation

Richard Ohlsson President Better Futures Foundation

Richard Ohlsson


Co-Creator White Bus for Better Futures™ Programs
Ever since I was introduced to the White Bus Rescue Action, which took place in the spring of 1945, I have seen the positive impact on people from all walks of life affected by the White Buses - both in the past and the present.

My goal with Better Futures is to bring the symbol of the White Buses to students of all ages in the United States. To engage and inspire how we can all be Ordinary Heroes and make an extraordinary difference.

I just know it will greatly improve our planet for generations to come!

Bibi Ohlsson Vice President Better Futures Foundation

Bibi Ohlsson

Vice President

Co-Creator White Bus for Better Futures™ Programs
A jar of potato salad led to the rescue of thousands of Holocaust victims. It is a clear example that finding a way and small acts of kindness might turn into life-changing outcomes for thousands in need.

I hope the inspiration in the stories of the Ordinary Heroes in our programs can contribute to creating a ripple effect in our community - a ripple effect of wanting the best for others; empathy, inclusiveness, and compassion.

May it inspire you to find ways to use your strengths and greatest qualities to make a difference—one small step at a time.


Martin Lakocinski

Board Member

“I first met Richard Ohlsson in Lund in 2016, at which time he introduced me to the Better Futures Foundation. I was impressed by the inspiration that had motivated him and Bibi to engage so completely in this project.

Also, the connection to the White Buses is something I strongly identify with, primarily through the activities of my late father during and after WW II. I am honored to receive an invitation to join the Board of the Foundation and hope to be able to contribute to the aspirations of this worthy cause.”


Neil Spirtas

Board Member

“ After retiring from the Chamber of Commerce in 2015, my goal was to work on a few worthwhile causes, of my choosing. In a place, with my skillset, where I could really make a difference on a grand scale.
Shortly thereafter, I learned about the atrocities of the Ravensbruck concentration camp whereby Jews and non-Jews were persecuted for their gender, religion and political reasons during the Holocaust.
Due to the anti-Semitism in Europe at the time and to never have these heinous crimes aimed at mankind from happening again, I have gladly joined this most worthwhile educational endeavor!”


Uri Smajovits

Board Member

My passion for White Bus for Better Futures stems from being a child of two Holocaust survivors and seeing these amazing and brave rescue efforts gives me hope in humanity triumphing over evil.

Fast forward to today I feel inspired and privileged by the leadership of Richard and Bibi Ohlsson who have so whole heartedly championed this cause without having had any relatives lost in the Holocaust – their selflessness is heart warming and contagious!

With Compassion, We Create Better Futures