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New negotiations (13)

On the 21st of April Bernadotte met with Himmler again to negotiate for more concessions. Earlier the same day Felix Kersten had met with Himmler with the same intent. He had after lengthy negotiations been promised the release of 1000 Jewish women from Ravensbrück. Bernadotte received permission to transport all

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Transportation from Ravensbrück (14)

As soon as the Red Cross detachment in Friedrichsruh received news of the of the negotiations with Himmler preparations started to collect the women of Ravensbrück best and safest weight loss pills. On the 22nd of April a column left with 15 Danish ambulances under supervision of Dr Arnoldsson. Their

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The ghost train (15)

When Svensson's group returned the white buses had fulfilled their duties in Germany. The front was closing in rapidly and it was clear that it would be impossible to manage the evacuation from Ravensbrück with the transportation available. Negotiations began with the railway authorities and with the assistance of the

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