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Transports to Lübeck (16)

After the evacuation of Scandinavians from Neuegamme there were tens of thousands of prisoners of different nationalities left. They were evacuated by the Germans and transported by rail to Lübeck during the period 20-26th of April. They brought onboard ships in the harbour and were kept in inhuman conditions. (more…)

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The expedition is concluded (17)

The detachment's assignments were now divided into two sections. One section, under Captain Melin, was assigned to transport Scandinavians from the camps in Fröslöv and Horsens to Sweden. The remaining section, based at Lübeck, was to make sure that food supplies and fuel was transported to Denmark. (more…)

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Epilogue (18)

The expedition with the White Buses was a daring and dangerous venture that was carried out in a chaotic time, without any protection from international humanitarian laws. Decisions were made on the way based on the few possibilities that presented them selves, and from the path the war was taking.

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