Foreword (1)

The Swedish Red Cross White Bus Rescue Action

e Swedish Red Cross rescue action with the White Buses to Germany in the last phase of the Second World War has through the years been described in many books, essays and publications.

Introduction (2)

Introduction At the end of the Second World War, when Germany was heading for military and political breakdown, the large Swedish lead rescue action known as ‘the White Buses was accomplished. It was initiated by the government and was carried out by the Swedish Red Cross, lead by its vice president Folke Bernadotte.    During some […]

Background (3)

Background In 1933 Adolf Hitler, as leader of the National socialist party, was elected leader of Germany. The people, suffering from the depression, welcomed the change of power, which gave hope of a new, strong Germany. The new regime’s attitude towards those of different opinions became clear quite quickly. Even before the outbreak of the […]