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Swedish press politics (4)

Europe was politically insatiable at the end of the thirties. In 1938 Germany started its expansion policy by annexing Austria and the sudet-german parts of Czechoslovakia. War was in the air and the Swedish government warned the press not to publish anything that would endanger Sweden capability of maintaining its

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Sweden’s post-war strategy (5)

Germany's luck started turning in the summer of 1942. It became more apparent that the allied forces were stronger, and after allied victories at Stalingrad and El Alamein, it was seemed that the Nazis could loose the war. By the beginning of 1943 the Swedish government saw the need to

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The rescue action take shape (6)

In 1944 the war seemed to head towards its end and there was increasing worries about what would happen to the Scandinavians interned in German camps. If the war ended in chaos, it would be potentially dangerous for the prisoners. There were plans of blowing up camps and of mass

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