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Bernadotte’s negotiations (7)

A key person in the rescue action was the National minister and SS commander Heinrich Himmler, being the only person with interest and power enough to pursued Hitler. He had, during the summer of 1944, realized that Hitler would not win the war and had tried to make separate peace

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The rescue action begins (8)

The Swedish rescue action was to be carried out by the Swedish Red Cross, so much was ready. Some problems remained though. The Red Cross had neither resources nor personnel for an operation of this type. It required an organisation that could work in a belligerent country. This required special

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New negotiations, the action is extended (9)

Stockholm considered the removal of the Scandinavian prisoners to Neuegamme as only part of the objective. The intent was still to transfer the Danes and Norwegians to Sweden, something that Himmler continued to refuse. On the 26th of March Bernadotte met with cabinet secretary Boheman and Counsellor Von Post at

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