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Help from Denmark (10)

At the beginning of April part of the Swedish detachment returned to Sweden as planed. The remaining personnel and vehicles, 130 men in two platoons of 12 buses each, were regrouped under supervision of Major Sven Frykman, who now relieved Colonel Gottfrid Björck. With the Danish policemen collected most of

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The first prisoners arrive in Sweden (11)

Bernadotte’s positive outcome at the negotiations on the 2nd of April immediately led to action. The transportation of the Scandinavian women and the sick to Sweden commenced immediately. As far as possible they tried to avoid publicity of the newcomers, in accordance with Himmler’s demand so that Hitler would not

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The Scandinavian prisoners in Neuegamme are evacuated (12)

On the 19th of April Bernadotte arrived at Friedrichsruh were there was a feeling of depression. An order had arrived to stop the rescue action and the German liaison officer did not think the buses could continue. But later that same day an order suddenly arrived from Himmler's headquarters that

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