Ravensbück - We Who Lived There

Insight into all aspects of life in ravensbrück.

The exhibit “Ravensbrück – We Who Lived There” sheds light on the personal experiences of then recently liberated Holocaust survivors, bringing a human dimension to the history lesson.

This unique exhibit provides insight into all aspects of life in Ravensbrück – a concentration camp only for women and children. It is based on interviews that took place immediately after the liberation of the Holocaust victims rescued to Sweden.

Knowledge about the Holocaust deepens when combined with in-depth studies of human – eye witness – experiences. If not, there is a risk that history is seen as something abstract and theoretical.

This exhibit is created by High School students in the Advanced History Program and the IB Diploma Program, at Katedralskolan in Lund, Sweden. The exhibit is brought to the US by Better Futures Foundation, a Sarasota-based 501(c3) non-profit.

It is mainly based on interviews which took place immediately after WWII under the leadership of Zygmunt Łakociński and published in digital format on the Lund University Library website.

The exhibit comes with a lesson plan which can be a resource for teachers to expand and complement mandatory Holocaust education.

We offer two formats:

  1. On-site display of 24 roll-ups.
  2. A 40-minute digital version based on the traveling exhibit and recently recorded interviews with Elsie and Iwanna, who both survived Ravensbrück.

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